The 2018 Golden Benanas

It was a real return to form for this year’s Golden Benanas.

Last year’s double-dip winner Maddie graciously accepted the offer to host, and then stunned everyone by winning most of the awards!

maddie double dip

Previous host Oedipuss the Cat was, alas, unable to attend. No one was quite sure where he was, because no one thought to ask.

And without further ado, here’s the full rundown of this year’s awards:

Golden Benana for Best Film:
Purple Rain

Golden Benana for Best TV Show:

Golden Benana for Best Videogame:

Golden Benana for Best Book:
The Story of the Lost Child

Golden Grahammie for Best Music:
A shocking revelation!!!

Golden Petite Madeline for Past Thing Best Remembranced:

And the big winner(s) of the night:

Double-Dip Double-Golden Benana for Best Overall Thing:
The two month period I spent with my wife and daughter on parental leave
(see below for clips from a random hour)

Check the Awards section for full listings of this year’s winners, and we’ll see you next year!