The Petites Madelines (2018)

The Golden Petite Madeline for Past Thing Best Remembranced – Cheese!

pm announcement

Maddie takes to the dining room floor to reveal the winner.

Silver Petite Madeline – Soothies!

Bronze Petite Madeline – HowI!*

Boy, what a year for things that will become deeply entrenched and achingly felt sense memories. Despite having 2 loving parents, 4 doting grandparents, an uncle who gives her Raps gear, a team of dedicated caregivers, piles of toys and markers, the kind of wealth and warmth and comfort that 99.999% of all life across all time could only dream of…it was cheese that came out on top. Cheese.

Whelp…maybe next year, loving parents!

*This is what Maddie yells when she wants people to sing Twinkle Twinkle