Television (2018)

Golden Benana Winner – Superstore (Seasons 3/4)

mannequin banana

I don’t know if this show would’ve actually won the award over the runner-ups, but given that it was easy to find an image from the show featuring actual bananas, I figured hey – save some photoshopping time.


Silver Benana – Big Mouth (Season 2)

Bronze Benana – American Vandal (Season 2)

I am very much looking forward to the day when people realize that the current era of prestige tv is terrible, that people are wasting their lives watching 50 hour series that should be 1.5 – 2 hour movies (hello The Americans!), and that we were better off with 22 minute chunks of time plus ad breaks. This process will take about 4 years, though, so in the interim I look forward to your outrage/ridicule.

The rest of the top 10:
4. Black-ish (Seasons 1 + 2)
5. Utopia (Season 3)
6. Project Runway (Season 16, although the first half of this season was better than everything above)
7. Schitt’s Creek (Season 4)
8. New Girl (Season 6)
9. Mr. D (Seasons 6, 7, + 8)
10. Love (Season 3)
11. Gary and His Demons (Season 1…I added an extra one to this list because I think maybe no one has ever seen this show and maybe you should check it out)