2015 Special Benanas

Every year, 10 Special Benanas are awarded to the best and worst things. There is no logic or rationale to the categories…just whatever I happen to think of. So without further ado, this year’s Special Benana winners are:

Golden Benana for Best Oedipuss:
Oedipuss (the comeback kid!)
(runner-up: Penny the neighbour’s cat who might be dead now)

Golden Benana for Video I Loved The Most:


Golden Benana for Thing That Made Me Laugh Hardest This Year:
Daddy’s Boy

Golden Benana for Best Thing I Did This Year:
Marrying Melanie

Golden Benana for Thing That Everyone Said Was Amazing But I Didn’t Believe Them But They Were Right It Was Amazing:

Golden Benana for Sweetest Dance Moves:

(runner-up: Evan, I suppose)

Golden Benana for Craziest Reaction to Being Confronted With Evidence That You’re a Murderer:
Robert Durst, burping

Rotten Benana for Most Frustrating Thing of the Year
That fucking white-and-gold dress (seriously…I only see white-and-gold…I’ve been trying so hard)

Rotten Benana for Most Depressing (but Depressing In A Hard To Pinpoint Way) Picture of the Year:

Rotten Benana for Worst Person of the Year:
This friggin monster…