Movies (2015)

Golden Benana Winner – Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman benanas

Nobody is going to get this reference in about a year. Actually, odds are nobody gets it now.

Silver Benana – The Spectacular Now

Bronze Benana – Creed

“Kingsman won the Golden Benana!” you say, incredulous. “Kingsman!?!?” I couldn’t agree more. There were a lot of good movies this year, but nothing great, so Kingsman becomes the weakest Golden Benana winner ever thanks to that one scene where Colin Firth fights a church congregation.*

The rest of the top 10:
4. The Martian
5. Locke
6. Paddington
7. Nightcrawler
8. Straight Outta Compton
9. The Big Short
10. Inside Out

*For the record, Kingsman was really good, but it would’ve finished 6th last year and 9th the year before, so this really does feel like a downer (see also: this year’s theatre awards).