The Grahammies (2017)


Golden Grahammy – Cobra Starship, Night Shades

I just caught up with this one this year. I’ve wasted the last 6 years of my life.

Silver Grahammy – Blue October, Home

Ironically, listening to this album made for the least blue October in probably my entire life.

Bronze Grahammy – Fall Out Boy, Take This to Your Grave

Their first album – almost nobody knows this one even exists and no one bothers to do the research to find out about it. Says a lot about people, right?

 4th Place – Thirty Seconds to Mars, A Beautiful Lie

I asked my wife “What’s a beautiful lie?” She said “I’m Jared Leto”. Boom.

 5th Place – Thirty Seconds to Mars, Love, Lust, Faith, and Dreams

I could probably fill the rest of this list with Thirty Seconds to Mars tracks, but that’s a little obvious and I don’t think Jared would want all the attention, so I’ll stop now!

 6th Place – Thirty Seconds to Mars, This is War

I couldn’t resist 🙂

 7th Place – Simple Plan, Taking One for the Team

Most people don’t realise that Simple Plan is still making music. Most people are disloyal in other ways, too.

 8th Place – Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Cats

I’ve actually never seen a cat, but after listening to the album I feel like I get it.

 9th Place – Kendrick Lamar, Damn.

Good rhyming.

 10th Place – Transformers: The Last Knight, the score

When I fall asleep at night, I put my headphones on and listen to this score and then in my dreams I’m this new Transformer that transforms from being a skateboard to being a person with wheels on my face, and Optimus says “You’re the key to saving the universe” and we save the universe together.