Special Benanas

Every year, 10 Special Benanas are awarded to the best and worst things. There is no logic or rationale to the categories…just whatever I happen to think of in the next, say, 8 minutes. So without further ado, this year’s Special Benana winners are:

Golden Benana for Best Oedipuss:

Golden Benana for Thing on the Internet That Made Me Laugh the Hardest:

Golden Benana for Best New Non-Sexual but Maybe Sort of Sexual Man Crush:
Scott Aukerman

Golden Benana for Being the Most Unashamed About Loving 30 Seconds to Mars:
Graham Lee

Golden Benana for Best Cheese:
Camembert (again!)

Golden Benana for Best New Dance Moves:

Golden Benana for Best New Sport:
Mega Badminton

Rotten Benana for Worst Text Message of the Year (paraphrased):
Hey bro, looks like the Leafs have this one wrapped up. Congrats.

Rotten Benana for Worst Regret of the Year:
That time a girl at a restaurant a few tables over made a weird, loud, sudden moaning sound and I didn’t say “I’ll have what she’s having.”

Rotten Benana for Being Just the Worst:
Rob Ford

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