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Oh no! The Golden Benanas were hacked!


The only reason you’re able to read this is that Oedipuss wants you to be able to read this.

After being passed over as host of this year’s ceremony, Oedipuss hacked the telecast and proceeded to present the awards all by himself. At first it was weird, but then everyone realised that the only thing funnier than James Corden telling James Corden jokes is Oedipuss telling James Corden jokes, so everyone relaxed and enjoyed themselves.

Also, no one knows where James Corden is now and we think maybe he’s dead.

For those that missed the big show, here’s the full rundown of this year’s awards:

Golden Benana for Best Film:
La La Land

Golden Benana for Best TV:
American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson

Golden Benana for Best Videogame:
The Witness

Golden Benana for Best Book:
The Story of a New Name

Grahammie for Best Music:

And the big winner(s) of the night:

Double-Dip Double-Golden Benana for Best Overall Thing:
La La Land!!

LLL d 29 _5194.NEF

I didn’t love the first act, but then Ryan Gosling pulled the banana out of his pocket and it sprouted legs and arms and everyone pretended to be airplanes and it suddenly felt like the movie was about my life.

Check the Awards section for full listings of this year’s awards, and we’ll see you next year!

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